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An exclusive remedy?

Nick Austin and Mike Adamson, of Reed Smith, who acted for the successful owners in The Eternal Bliss, consider industry reaction to the case and ask where it leaves us pending an appeal later this year

One Sea route to autonomous ship safety

Autonomous ship technology can improve maritime safety according to One Sea, the industry group aiming towards 2025 as its target for the first autonomous maritime ecosystem. Some of One Sea’s leading technology company members explain why, and how

Combatting Covid-19 with containers

Box shipping can provide a vital supply chain for vaccines but will need to work closely with manufacturers to meet regulatory compliance requirements, writes Lloyd’s List’s James Baker

False economy and evidence gathering

There is often a false economy in the decision to arrange a low-cost survey where a matter appears to be simple or of low value. Paul Apostolis and the Campbell, Johnston Clark Singapore office explain what is required to transpose what appears on the ground at the time into a convincing presentation to a judge or arbitrator sitting in a room often years after the event

Sustainability: our journey

James Bean, of The Standard Club UK, reflects on the journey that the shipping industry is making in terms of its sustainability

Sustainability integral to marine insurance

Helle Hammer, of the Nordic Association of Marine Insurers (Cefor) and of the IUMI policy forum, looks at how sustainability is driving the insurance agenda in the shipping world