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Intellectual Property Magazine RSS feed

Adult only

IPM takes a dive into the adult entertainment industry and finds out how brands in this space protect their innovations, ideas and content

Razer sharp

How one video game equipment maker is aiming to change the gaming industry through IP and emerging tech

Woman’s place

UK IPO report shows that the proportion of female inventors has almost doubled in a 20-year period, but there is still a long way to go

Trading secrets

How is China improving its trade secret laws? Ben Wodecki explains

Pot of gold?

The first US hemp strain patent provides insight for enforcing US canna-patents moving forward

Team effort

As online counterfeiting increases, licensees are demanding more support from their licensor partners, says Svetlana Ilnitskaya

A seat at the table

Alan Johnson looks at the scenarios for the Unified Patent Court and the UK’s departure from the European Union

Sampling scenario

CJEU confirmed that unauthorised ’sampling’ from third-party sound recordings infringes copyright. Astrid Arnold considers the implications

Budding predicament

The European Parliament has provided its latest resolution to plant and animal products patenting, but as William Hillson states, there is still deep opposition

Playing catch up?

Simon Clark and Sarah Blair explore if EU copyright can keep up with technology

Pulp diction

Following the news about Samuel L Jackson’s voice being featured on Amazon’s Alexa, Carolyn Pepper explores voice rights in the UK

Blow the whistle

Steven Wilf argues that a new approach is needed on how we handle whistleblowers on both sides of the Atlantic

Oppositions and cooperations

Opposition times appear to be speeding up at the EPO, with the office likely to reach its desired 15-month target, according to a Mewburn Ellis report

What's in your bag?

Tosshan Ramgolam discusses how online counterfeits put consumers at risk in the run up to Black Friday weekend

Reflective directive

Ben Wodecki caught up with MEP Axel Voss and former Pirate Party politician Julia Reda, who reflect on the EU Copyright Directive 2019 as it moves ahead to member state implementation

IP pointers

IPM’s Ben Wodecki takes a look at cases and conundrums from 2019 that might have been overlooked

A new direction

As member states grapple with the implementation of the new EU directive, Jack Dickerson considers what can be done to avoid falling foul of Article 15 and 17

Grey area

Danae Vara Borrell considers the perils of dipping below the minimum advertised pricing when competing with grey market goods

Innovation hotspots

WIPO report outlines where there is the most innovative activity, while the organization prepares to replace its long serving director general

Patent power

A round up of some of the key UK patent cases and legal developments that have hit the courts in 2019

Trademark tests

Chris Hawkes takes a look at some crucial trademark decisions in 2019 and how these might impact brand owners moving forward

SCOTUS focus

Paul M Schoenhard and Christopher M Bruno discuss three cases at the Supreme Court in 2019 where context and history play a prominent role

Digital disturbia

The interconnectivity of the internet and its implications for industry are explored by Kfir Levy, James “Tripp” Fussell, and Amanda Streff Bonner

Copyright cases

A review of the main cases that the EU and UK courts dealt with this year

Future plans

Ben Wodecki speaks with IP Australia director general Michael Schwager just over a year into his post, to discuss what issues the office faces

Diagnosis AI

Rachel Free and Jane Hollywood explore the patenting implications of AI applied to diagnostics

Crossing borders

Janet Xiao and Can Cui explore tech transfer opportunities emerging from import rule changes in China

Mobility allowance

Julianne M Hartzell rounds up the key trade secret trends in the US in 2019 focussing on employee covenants

Keeping traditions

Natasha Burns and Elly Royston outline Australia’s approach to aboriginal terms being registered as trademarks

USMC-yay or nay?

Trump’s NAFTA replacement currently sits vacant awaiting movement in both the US and Canadian parliaments. IPM asks will it ever come to fruition?

Trade secret theft

One of the first US cases tried under the Defend Trade Secrets Act sees the jury award the claimant $31m

Reducing the disruption

As the number of section 337 investigations continues to rise, Morris, Manning & Martin’s Jonathan Link advises on how to reduce their disruption to business

Patent changes create friction

Satoshi Watanabe sets out the changes made to patent regulations in Japan, highlighting the difference in opinion between large organisations and SMEs

IP in 2025

Bird & Bird’s Richard Vary boldly predicts what the IP landscape might look like five years from now

Paralegals’ next role

The National Association of Licensed Paralegals’ Amanda Hamilton discusses the growth of the profession and the role it will play in the future of the legal services sector