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IoT lights up

By 2035,there is predicted to be 1trn IoT devices worldwide. Hugh Dunlop and JoshuaDavis explore the patenting activity in this field

Blocking the trolls

One of themost talked about technologies today is blockchain. Marc Kaufman explains how to protect the techfrom patent trolls

Read all about it

Pretty Little Thing has removed a Galliano-inspired collection from its website, are there any grounds for a legal claim?

The new consumer conscious

Customersare demanding transparency as they take an increasing interest in the ethicalpractices of those they buy from. Grant Cochraneexplores the positive implications for brands

Congressional concerns

Democratic Congressman Hank Johnsonoutlined the need to address the uncertainty brought about by the Arthrexruling and possible legal changes to the US patent system as a whole

Off-road opinion

Brompton’sattempts to protect its folding bike design hit a bumpy road in the form of anAG opinion

Cheesy victory

Cypriot farmers regain a previouslyrevoked UK trademark for the term Halloumi

Vital victory

ERS Genomicshas successfully defended one of its EU patents

TCL v Ericsson

US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit - 5 December 2019

iLife v Nintendo

District Court for the Northern District of Texas - 17 January2020

Making a stand

Eric WSchweibenz and Alexander B Englehart consider how the US ITC handles potential‘standing defences’

Essentials of 5G

PeterSadler considers the approaches of assessing standard essentiality

Perfect partners

How pharma and biotech can get the best out of licensing and collaborations

Sole victory

New Balance’s Daniel McKinnon explains how it tackles Chinesecopycat brands and how his team are using tech like blockchain to improve enforcement

Sole victory

New Balance’s Daniel McKinnon explains how it tackles Chinesecopycat brands and how his team are using tech like blockchain to improve enforcement

End of the line for Class 9?

IPM’s BenWodecki looks at whether Class 9 should be reformed following the CJEU’srecent ruling in SkyKick

Covid-19 crisis

As a global pandemic is declared, what effect will the virus have on the IP industry and supply chains?

Email fail?

As the USPTO’s new email rule sends some into a frenzy, IPM outlines the issues that could arise, and what the office could do to offer solace to concerned users

UPC perspectives

Francesco Macchetta gauges the chances ofthe UPC Agreement entering into the final implementation phase in 2020

Turning talk into action

EIP’s SharonSt Louis describes the steps IP law firms can take to improve the mentalhealth of their workers

Go compare

Brinsley Dresden and Sophie Jamieson consider the UK’s Committee ofAdvertising Practice’s guide on comparative advertising claims

Monetising a domain portfolio

MarkMonitor’sStu Homan explores the best practiceapproaches that can help uncover and maximise the value of domain assets

Creating a cultural shift

DebbieFoster and Natasha Hirst explain why creating anenvironment where people feel safe to disclose their disabilities is crucial

Call to change

Given theever-increasing insinuation of smartphones, patent practitioners would be wiseto envision multiple scenarios when drafting patent applications

Seed money

Neha Srivastava discusses thelitigative landscape in India surrounding sustainable agriculture and seedpatenting

Flying high

Filings at the EPO continue their inexorable rise and the technical fields patents are being filed in reflect the roll out of the 5G network and the growing prevalence of AI. Maura O’Malley reports

Taking charge

Innovationin repurposing, recycling and reinventing batteries will be a rich vein of IP,say Callum McGuinn and Joseph Newcombe

Cleaning up

Gareth Dixon and David Hvasanov, Shelston IP

End of the line

Serle Court’s Michael Edenborough QC says Germanyupholding a complaint against the UPC surely signals the end of thelong-awaited court system

Quantum leap

BeforeAlice, software patents were rarely challenged as unpatentable, but afterAlice, the landscape changed completely. VincentViolago and Nikko Quevada explorethe implications for quantum computing

Antibiotic odyssey

PowellGilbert’s Rajvinder Jagdev, Peter FitzPatrick and Penny Gilbert explore how AI can be harnessed tounearth new therapies

Got you covered

Ascendant Legal’s Jeremiah Chew provides an overview of Singaporetrademark law

Choppy waters

Singapore is the world’s largest transhipment port and arecent shipping case highlights weaknesses in the country’s enforcement efforts. NickRedfearn and Kin Wah Chow examine