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Bankruptcies and credit risk during lockdown

The cracks in the market have begun to show – bankruptcies are at the door. The interdependence of the maritime supply chain necessitates regular evaluation of counterparties, their customers and suppliers, writes Sebastian Villyn of Lloyd’s List

An age-old problem rears its head as stowaways return as a threat to shipping

Clandestine migration, also characterised as stowaways, has been a problem for the maritime and freight transport sector for some time now. The risk during the current Covid-19 crisis has not diminished; in certain places it has increased. Michael Yarwood, of the TT Club examines the situation and offers advice on mitigation measures

On high alert in west Africa

As attacks by pirates become more frequent off the coast of west Africa, Wallem discusses ways to ensure the safety of seafarers

Using technology to tackle the challenges of Covid-19

Peter Stålberg, of The Swedish Club, discusses the way in which technology has been a game changer in terms of risk management through the Covid-19 pandemic, but stresses there are still more improvements needed

Large shipping losses continue to fall

West Africa remains a hotspot for pirates in 2020. However, the good news is that large shipping losses more generally are falling, according to the latest report from Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty