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Disappearing acts: virtual asset schemes

Online Published Date : 20 March 2020 | Appeared in issue: April/May 2020 - 03 February 2020

Teresa Anaya is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator, Certified Bitcoin Professional, as well as being ITIL3 Certified. She serves as the Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Officer for stable coin company Trust Token, where she is responsible for illicit activity monitoring. A stable coin is a cryptocurrency backed by a reserve asset.

ABC in 2020 & beyond

Online Published Date : 27 March 2020 | Appeared in issue: April/May 2020 - 03 February 2020

LillianS. Hardy (+1 202637 5884, [email protected]) is a partner in the Washington, D.C. officeof Hogan Lovells and Liam Naidoo (+44 20 7296 5887, [email protected]) a partner and Danny Knowlesa litigation associate in the London office.Thestatistics in this article are derived from Hogan Lovells’ recently-publishedglobal study, High Seas: Steering the Course II - Navigating bribery andcorruption risk in 2020 (https://stc.hoganlovellsabc.com/), examining the challenges ofimplementing anti-bribery and corruption programmes. The study was based oninterviews with over 700 chief compliance officers (CCOs), heads of legal, orequivalent at some of the world’s largest organisations. In conjunction, HoganLovells’ annual Global Bribery & Corruption Outlook (https://bac-2020.hoganlovellsabc.com/) analyses the increased reach ofanti-bribery and corruption laws and looks ahead to the trends to be expectedin 2020.

Inside out – an investigation research strategy

Online Published Date : 27 March 2020 | Appeared in issue: April/May 2020 - 03 February 2020

Veronica Morino ([email protected]) has worked on detection, prevention and investigation of international fraud and corruption for almost 20 years. Convinced, by experience, that raising awareness and focusing on prevention is far more cost-effective than investigation, she specialises in strengthening corporate defences against fraud and corruption. This includes the development of holistic desktop investigative research and analysis tools to explore organisations, business partners, suppliers and customers at a fraction of the resources normally associated with investigation. She is co-author of “The Anatomy of Fraud and Corruption”, published by Routledge (formerly Gower) in 2011. The author would like to thank Asia Chernova for her assistance in the preparation of this article.